Rescue of Heart-broken Street Dog dying alone from Emaciated and ill

This poor street dog was found hiding under a truck. She was so sick and starving to death. She was suffering so much from skin disease. She ate only leftover food and never had been touched by humans. She was so terrified and painful. She was desperate and almost gave up on life. She was too scared to let her rescuers touch her. Her body was covered by sores from mange. She was very emaciated and exhausted.

They started her with IV fluid and a blood transfusion. She wakes up and feels much stronger on day 3. She needs weeks of medical treatment and loving care. She has a good appetite and she eats a lot. She had lost all hope. But little and little in vet care, she regains her confidence. She continues her recovery in the vet shelter. She’s survived and she will find a loving home once she’s fully recovered. Massive thanks for every support and every donation to save her life.