Cholo was chained to his mouth, unable to eat or drink, exhausted and faint on the wide beach

It broke my heart to see Cholo with a chain tied to his mouth, lying motionless on the deserted beach. With that chain he could not eat or drink, days passed, he was exhausted and fainted on the wide beach. No one cares about the pain he had to endure. He was extremely aggressive when we were trying to save him Doctors had a hard time removing the chain from Cholo’s snout. It rusted and eroded deep into the skin, causing severe ulcers.

I wondered how long the chain had tortured Cholo? Doctors sewed and disinfected the wound for him. He vomited and was extremely tired. The wound had shown signs of recovery. But Cholo’s face was still very pale. He ate a little bit of the food I cooked for him. Every day there was a different win.