She was hit by a train, lying on the side of the road shivering in the snow

Every day that passes for me was extremely busy, daily work combined with rescuing and helping street dogs Just like every time, when I get home, take a shower, I put myself on the bed, holding the phone to surf the web to relax. But accidentally I saw a picture of Molly, she was hit by a train, lying on the side of the road I saw the address very close to where I live, so I decided to come and help her The little girl lay next to the rails, shivering and gritting her teeth next to a thick blanket Maybe someone wanted to help this girl but they could not so they just let her lie there alone I need to take her to the vet for a check-up, at a glance.

I knew she’s seriously injured Upon arrival, little Molly was taken by doctors to be tested and X-rayed As a result, the spine had a complex fracture, there was a displacement of the spine at the fracture site, and the ability to recover was extremely low. Parvovirus infection, clinical biochemistry and exponentiation for status within normal range Molly ate well, she tried to crawl with her front paws and was very relaxed Molly had been in surgery since the night before. This brave girl had officially woken up, smiling brightly even though it was still quite painful. Hopefully after that day, Molly won’t have to suffer any more pain Even though I kew that not being able to walk normally like before was unacceptable for her But I would try to do everything to make Molly felt most comfortable Molly was still being monitored at the vet.