Dog Abandoned with Huge Tumor and Glaucoma in Both Eyes

She was found dying alone in the middle of nowhere. She suffered from a huge tumor and glaucoma in both eyes. She used to have the owner and lived happily. But they dumped her like garbage due to her condition. She was in so much pain and extremely hungry. Thanks to a woman for taking her to a vet hospital. They prepared for the surgery to remove the tumor. She proved she is stronger and a real fighter. The tumor had been removed and she is safe.

The former is such a monster and she would have not survived another day without treatment. She felt much better after the surgery on day 6. But she could not see at all. Her vision is reduced but she still has a zest for life. She’s now free from the tumor. She received good nursing care and cuddling. She has new fur and is ready for her new home. Huge thanks to a kind-hearted woman for adopting Corn. Corn will be cared for and loved for the rest of her life. The world almost lost this sweet Corn but she got rescued in time. We’re so grateful for everyone involved in giving her a second chance.