When I saw her, I could only quietly approach her and carry her to the car with tears in my eyes

This was a very sad scene This girl was paralyzed, could not move her hind legs, maybe she had erlichia. But no one wanted to help her, even though Eva kept calling for help I just quietly walked up to her, carried her to the car and drove home The next day I would take Eva to the vet to do all the blood tests she needed. Eva was eating well and feeling good. That day, we had an appointment with a specialist to check on her The doctor did a full blood test and surprisingly, she did not have erlichia or HW She was just anemic, but why could not she move her legs? Unfortunately, we received some bad news from the doctor. The day before, we took Eva to Xrays and the doctor discovered 2 damaged vertebrae, causing her a lot of pain and paralysis of both legs. The vet said the damage was caused by an impact from a car or a human.

The orthopedic surgeon would then analyze whether surgery was a good option for her. Every day Eva was receiving lots of pain medication to keep her comfortable, calm and happy. Eva was doing great , rehabilitation was working. 3 weeks ago, she was barely alive and then the bucket could move more Her hind legs were getting stronger to be able to stand up as a cane. Eva knew she had a long way to go to recover, so she always tried her best. She got massages every day, electric stimulation every 3 days and water therapy. Guess who was getting stronger and feeling better? In a very short time, Eva had done a great job with her rehabilitation and therapy. Her hind legs were getting stronger and more flexible.