Immense Warble Removed From A Poor Little Cat’s Nose

In this new video here you will see a compilation of 3 clips That’s mainly about animals. So in the 1st clip you see this cat that had this giant warble in her nose, the vet and her assistants helped immobilize the cat’s hands and legs to make the process go easier, and that is exactly what happened. 2nd clip is where this beautiful chihuahua dog who loves attention and alot of it, but gets mad when hearing the word attention.

Last one is this handsome dog who is super cute and sensitive when interacting with his owner.See more of this vet tech woman and how she goes along with her pet clients: Instagram: Note: All Videos Here On This Channel Have Been Allowed To Be Uploaded On It(except Commentary, it’s Original And Added By Me With My Own Voice) Love Animals? Subscribe: Follow Strange incident: Tweet with us on Twitter: Love our Instagram:… Like us on Facebook: