He was stuck in the mud, the more he tried to get out, the more he was engulfed

Storm was a badly injured dog lying under a stream of cold water. How long had he been there? He tried to get out of it on his own. But it was all nonsense. The more he tried, the more he lost his strength and sank deep into the mud and silt. No one heard Storm’s scream, and he eventually exhausted, lying there, waiting to die. I couldn’t look at him without tears. It took me a long time to reach him. Mud and silt were so much and dense, just a little mistake could sink me down there. Little by little, I finally got him out of there. I warmed him with the blanket, hoping bad things wouldn’t happen to Storm. These eyes were filled with sadness and hurt, showing a very unhappy and pitiful life. At the vet, Storm suffered from such hypothermia that all the blankets and the heater were of no help to him.

Surely everyone would be in pain when looking at this X-ray: there were three bullets shot on his body and there was even a fracture. He groaned, hurt, so he was immediately anesthetized and taken to the emergency room. because the fracture affected the lower body part, Storm was unable to urinate on its own. The doctor continued to anesthetize and squeeze the urine out. He still could not eat or drink, and had to maintain his life by infusion. The dog was being monitored continuously under the special care regimen: massages and physical therapy exercises. But in the afternoon, Storm’s temperature was high, he was fussy, taciturn and stopped eating. There were no limits to my feelings of sadness and panic at that time. I just knew to ask God to extend his arms to protect the poor dog. How wonderful that a miracle came and gave me new hope to keep fighting. Storm’s first steps were a rewarding achievement for our efforts. He smiled and had an appetite.