His body had been pierced by sharp nails, burned by boiling water, and was being attacked by maggots

We were shocked to receive the news about August, why he was so injured and maggots… His body had been pierced by sharp nails, burned by boiling water and was being maggot attack. But he did not give up and moved forward! So the maggots did not have time to reach the internal organs and his immunity allows him to survive! Immediately we were at his shelter to help this poor fate. August received first aid on the spot, cleaned the wound on his back to limit the spread of infection. He was docile and very cooperative in handling. August was treatment would be long and difficult. But we told ourselves we would try to accompany and fight with him to the end.

As you could imagine, he struggled for days. Alone he faced hardship and hunger in loneliness. I did not like negative things, but I was haunted by the moment I saw August. I could not stay silent in that situation because he was in need of help. I won not mind anything, as long as August did not fall, I would fight for him to the end. Every day he was bathed and given special antibiotics. This was an important time to observe August was health situation and make the most appropriate plans. I believe with patience and optimism he would get well soon. So much fear and pain was covering that little body and I felt so sorry for him. As long as August passes, I would make up for him with all I could. Love and protection would heal all emotional wounds. Be strong boy, a beautiful life was waiting for you ahead.