Removing 2 Big Botflies From a Small Kitten’s Neck

Need something to get you past the mid-week and mid-day hump? • 😯 Check out this creepy crawly botflies we removed from the neck and chest of a stray kitten yesterday! • The larva finds an opening in an animal like an eye, nose, mouth or even a small cut in the skin and enters the body that way. They’ll keep migrating through and actually make a hole to breathe through. • If you think your pet has a cuterebra, please DO NOT try to remove it yourself. These parasites need to be removed in one full piece otherwise, there is a very big chance for an infection or reaction in your pet if a piece is left behind. Call your veterinarian for an appointment right away! 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ See more of Briana Klecker, the responsible girl for helping the little kitten here: TikTok:… Note: All Videos Here On This Channel Have Been Allowed To Be Uploaded On It(except Commentary, it’s Original And Added By Me With My Own Voice.