A Skinny Puppy Ridiculed by The People in The Village In All Games Because of Ugly Shape

Humans have been heartless, indifferent and selfish is what we see from this baby!!! ?? He could barely open his eyes, his skin was already extremely infected. The children of this village chased him away in all their play, now this puppy is extremely scared and self-deprecating. He often hangs his head when he sees people. The young dog is malnourished, like an old dog even though it is very young. He’s only about 6 months old. So much pain this baby has to endure. He will be rescued. I want him to change this current painful life. He is named Capybara. Special thanks to rescuer : Angels4 Animals Rescue Please support: PayPal: angels4animalsrescue@gmail.com NoAnimalBehind on YouTube is a place for everyone who loves animals and cares about their wellbeing. All images belong to its respectful owners No copyright infringement is intended.