He had to live in sickness, dirt and chains for 9 years, his ugly face made everyone shunned

The first pictures showing Socrates broke my heart, Socrates lived in sickness, dirt and chains for 9 years. He was half-alive in a bag of bones body, scabies and dehydrated. He has many open wounds on his body. Although I was busy with other jobs, I could not let this old man suffer for another day. The very next day I went to Socrates. That skinny body was too weak to deal with diseases. He looks so shabby. His eyes were deeply indented because his face was heavily swollen. Maybe he was deaf even though I tried it out at high volume. Luckily, Socrates still had an appetite, which gave me confidence that I would bring him back to normal.

We had everything prepared to bring Socrates to the vet. I had never dealt with cases like Socrates and it was a great responsibility for me. I dreamed of a good ending for this soul. On the test results, the bad thing happened that I never thought he had bone cancer. His hind ankle was heavily deformed, and his hind leg would be amputated. I prayed that the cancer would be treatable and not metastatic. Socrates would first need to stay in the vet for treatment, to increase his weight and the immune system. I had been thinking of the long days ahead to him. Socrates has gained weight, he’s fatter and needs more grooming His fur growed a lot, he had a strong hope for his future.