Seter and her poor puppy laid for days in the landfill, their hair falls out because of dermatitis

I was informed that Seter and her puppy were living in the landfill, almost all of their hair falling out due to a serious skin disease. When I got there, Seter was lying motionless from exhaustion. Fortunately, she wagged her tail when she saw me approaching, her eyes flashing with a light as if she saw a new hope. Seter and her puppy fell asleep during the examination at the clinic because they were both too tired. For days, Seter looked everyone in the eye but in vain, no one put themselves in her mother’s shoes. Just thinking about it was enough to break our hearts. Day 2, due to the complicated situation of the epidemic, Seter and her puppy were sent home for treatment Every day, I help her and her puppy wash up, apply topical medicine in combination with taking antibiotics The layers of horny scales on Seter and the baby were so thick that I had to use a cleaning tool Not to mention that she and her puppy were severely malnourished and anemic I did not even know what we should do next, I was really scared that I would lose Seter and her puppy in my arms.