Poor Harvard dog with wet body lying in a puddle right at the dangerous highway

Every Sunday everyone usually rests after a long day of work but for me there is never a day off Because my weekends are devoted to street dogs One day, on the highway I found Harvard lying in a puddle with wet body. Street life for him at that time was very difficult and full of dangers I quickly picked him up in the car and went to the vet together Day 3, Harvard was a bit more stable, Hemoglobin and red blood cells were low in the blood. Most likely we would have to give him a blood transfusion On ultrasound, there was a strong bruise on the urinary tract plus a fracture of the pelvis and dislocation of the forefoot. All of that required surgical intervention.

But it was a small vet that could not do a complicated spine surgery for Harvard I was forced to move the boy to the city that very night Because it was so painful, Harvard cried a lot and worried Until his strength could not bear it, he fell asleep in my arms because he was so tired Day 6, my boy had more vitality that day and didn’t need an infusion Pelvic surgery was scheduled for that day but by then it had not started The doctors were waiting for the blood to be delivered Sitting outside the operating room, I constantly thought about the unfortunate events that could happen I hoped he would get over it and live a healthy life We still had a long way to go and Harvard would definitely walk again on its own.