Puppy unicorn dog abandoned in the street because it was “different” – Animal Stories

Today in our animal stories column we tell you the story of Narwhal the beautiful unicorn dog 🦄 This very sweet puppy has a curious malformation on his forehead, a small tail. Because of this, he was probably abandoned along the streets of Missouri (USA) when he was only 10 weeks old. He would surely have died had it not been for Rochelle Steffen, founder of Mac’s Mission an association that rescues stray dogs, who rescued him.

The “unicorn” dog was renamed Narwhal, taking inspiration from the narwhal, the cetacean famous for its tusk, from which the legend of the unicorn was born. Narwhal is an exceptional dachshund who quickly became a web star. The veterinarian who examined him found that the protuberance, probably a congenital defect, has no bony or other connection to the skull and that there is absolutely no need to remove it.