She thought she had given up, but her strong will helped her get up and walk after 1 month

Tasya was a street dog who walks through many streets every day in search of some leftover food And then she accidentally collided with a car while crossing the street After that impact, Tasya couldn’t stand on her feet anymore How much fear and pain was covering that little body and I felt so sorry for her If she hadn’t been taken to the hospital in time, I did not know what would have happened to her hind legs X-ray results showed she had broken pelvis, spinal cord damage But the surgery would be too much for her at that moment so it was a risky idea to let her heal on her own Because she was a young dog.

it was very high for her to regenerate and mend the damaged bone by herself Following the doctor’s advice, I decided to take Tasya home for care Tasya was so sweet, she was trying to play with her friend Vesta But she had not caught up to the game yet because she barely got up and walking was hard right then Tasya had a lot of fleas and I needed to deal with it… Every day I had to change diapers, prepared canned food, separated calcium supplements for her But I did not  get tired even though it was an endless journey Tasya started to stand up, maybe her spinal cord was already healed? This made me so happy!