GIANT parasite extracted from an 8 week old kitten.

This was the horrific moment a huge Cuterebra fly larva was extracted from the tiny nose of an eight-week-old kitten in North Carolina, USA.

Footage captured on November 7 shows a veterinarian using surgical forceps to remove the parasite from the kitten’s nose and what is revealed is an unusually large fly larva.

The kitten was suffering from a chronic runny nose when he arrived at Animal Care East veterinary hospital in Winterville.

The filmmaker told Newsflare: “When the eight-week-old kitten presented at the clinic, he had a chronic history of sneezing and oculonasal discharge and had a very distended right nostrum.

“I decided to sedate the kitten and never would have imagined there would be a giant fly in there!

“Usually about a centimeter long and buried in the skin, this was the largest I’ve ever seen…and it was on the nose!