People thought that a drunkard was lying on the road, and passed by.

Most people judge others by their appearance. If a man in a good suit is lying on the ground, then everyone will rush to help him. After all, trouble has definitely happened to him. None of the passers-by would suspect that such a man could get drunk. But with a man in poor clothes, it’s the opposite. He will be mistaken for a drunkard and will be bypassed. Therefore, sometimes animals come to the rescue.

This is why we have to never assume anything. I had a cat that saved me all the time. My cat was named Stephan L. Macadoo (yes,I personally gave him this name. It’s registered at the Veterinarian ‘s office) or Mac for short. Every four hours, Mac sticks his paw into My mouth just to wake me up. After a week of Mac doing this,I decided to go to the doctor and was diagnosed with a severe case of sleep apnea, so I lost enough weight that I didn’t need surgery. Mac lived with me and my mother for 17 years before he passed away ten years ago