Helpless Stray Dog Got Rescued From The Cold and Swift River

ello everyone, I have been involved in stray dog rescue for many years, and I have always provided public welfare assistance at my own expense. Caring for stray animals, caring for every life that should not be given up, I hope everyone can subscribe, like, share and support us, so that we will have more confidence to continue to rescue dogs in need #straydog #rescue #dog We also hope that through our videos, more people can pay attention to these poor lives and participate in our actions

Thank you! Thank you!! And may God bless you for helping and caring for this dying, helpless animal. I’d love an update, and I hope you can keep this dog. We receive so much love and loyalty from animals,it seems like it was destiny for the two of you. Thanks for doing great things in this world!!
God bless you for saving this poor pup. I pray he survives and finds his loving ❤️ and forever home! He deserves it!
God and the Virgin of Guadalupe bless you forever and ever for doing this work so human and beautiful. So be it. AMEN.🙏🏻💙✨