No Words describe so much pain and miserable this dog has endured

At 00:30 am amid everyone falling asleep, I had an important mission again I was at the top of the Santorini-Greece mountain to rescue the little dog The scene now made me go crazy Looks like she was beaten. Her head was bloody, very painful and swollen I called her Jade and picked her up in the cage and moved to the hospital Because it was midnight, all the hospitals were closed, I had to find forever to have a clinic to accept Jade

We are already sad. With so many bad things. Around us. Is that enough, enough and let’s open our eyes? Or is it that we do not want. They don’t get it. Don’t vent your frustration on those wonderful beings who trust us. Not only dogs, but cats, birds, all animals need them and they need us who mistreats an innocent little animal. He hurts himself. Animals don’t forget. FEEL AND SUFFER

Only love ❤️❤️❤️ to change so much suffering of this angel, for everything he went through, he still has love for the one who collected, with affection and love, not forgetting what was spent financially, but it was worth it, this girl was very beautiful. God bless these angels 😇😇😇😇