Dog born with short spine and no neck finds a loving family

All dogs are cute in their own way and deserve caring homes.

Cooper is an American Foxhound. He has a genetic condition called «short spine syndrome». He is one of 30 dogs in the world with this issue.

«His spine is fused in 2 places, at the neck and at the back. He looks like he has no neck, and in order to look back, he has to turn his entire body around.»

This unusual dog has had a difficult start in life. He probably was abandoned because of his birth defect.

Rescuers discovered him back in 2017, and he was brought to Secondhand Hounds, a shelter in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Sadly, things didn’t go well at the first home they placed him in.

But Cooper quickly found his perfect home with Elly Keegan. Many people would pass by such a dog. But Elly has a warm heart for dogs with various disabilities and wants to give Cooper all the love and care he needs.

Cooper’s condition has improved. Elly says his birth defect has caused him to essentially have a «butt on his back,» but he has found it easier to go to the bathroom on his own after surgery.

Elly says that no matter what, Cooper is «the happiest dog in the world,» and people are always glad to see him, too.

Everywhere he goes, he catches attention, but he likes it. He has many followers on the Internet.