The Heartbreaking Moment a Dying Zoo Worker Received Final Kisses from Giraffes

For 25 years of his life, 54-year-old Mario Ejis worked at the Rotterdam’s Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo in the Netherlands. He was a very devoted worker and all the animals in the zoo liked him.


But the man diagnosed to have cancer that is incurable. The man even had problems with speaking when some time passed. So he could do nothing but lay and wait for his death.


However, even in such horrible conditions, man can smile again due to kind people. A charity organization known as the Ambulance Wish Foundation came to his service. They organized a nice journey to the zoo so that the man could feel his lovely animal’s presence one more time.

A giraffe at RotterdamÕs Blijdorp Zoo nuzzles Mario Eijs. Eijs worked at the zoo 25 years and is disabled by a brain tumour. His dying wish was for a giraffe kiss.

But a miracle happened. The kind giraffes sensed that their dear zoo worker was feeling bad and approached him. A giraffe kissed him as a sign of compassion. The moment and the visit meant everything to the man. Now he could quietly return to his bed.