Feline Thought To Be Too ‘Revolting’ To Be Adopted, Finds A New Home

These are the main things individuals will quite often say when they meet Possum, a strange looking feline with dark fur, bare patches and a rodent like tail.

Either that, or they think Possum has mange, or she’s a consume casualty.

However, in Stephanie’s eyes, (Possum’s human mother), she is delightfully awesome.

She was one of a few little cats brought into the world in Stephanie’s collaborator’s terrace in focal North Carolina.

The mother feline was wild, and Stephanie’s colleague gave her all to really focus on her and the babies.


Every one of the cats were “ordinary” looking, very much like their mom — shorthair homegrown felines with white and calico fur.

Possum, then again, was dim and on the whole bare when she was conceived. She was additionally the half-pint of the litter.

It was believed that maybe Possum has passive qualities of a werewolf feline or lykoi.

The remainder of the litter were before long found permanent spots to settle down, however no one needed to embrace Possum.

Stephanie and her collaborator were concerned that assuming they took Possum to a sanctuary for reception that she would be euthanised in view of her looks

In spite of the fact that Stephanie previously had a full house, she was going gaga for Possum, so she concluded that she would take her in and make a piece of her loved ones.

“I felt regardless feel like she would have been euthanized assuming she went there,” Stephanie told The Dodo.

“I live in the South and a many individuals in this space don’t see felines as pets. I’ve heard a ton of tales about individuals involving them as target practice.”

“I’ve known a few quite terrible individuals who will accelerate on the off chance that they see a feline in the road. A many individuals in this space will not or can’t stand to fix or fix so we have an immense wild issue.” Stepanie makes sense of.

“With her looking the manner in which she does, I simply didn’t feel like her possibility getting taken on was great.”

Possum has now bloomed in her permanent spot to settle down, and has no clue about that she is a piece different to different kitties.

They are each of the one major cheerful family.